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Performance Zen

Performance Zen

Performance ZenPerformance ZenPerformance Zen

FEI Compliant Supplements for Performance Horses. 

Will Simpson, USA Olympic Gold Medalist

Will Simpson and Chacco P at winning Showpark Del Mar. EquiZen Pro Powered.


For Equine Athletes

Our proprietary blends of natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids promote well-being, focus, and confidence. EquiZen formulas support clarity and composure without sacrificing performance. 

FEI Compliant Formulas

For equestrians, banned substance testing can bring anxiety for even the most conscientious riders. EquiZen goes to extraordinary lengths to protect athletes with extensive testing for quality, potency, purity, and banned substances.  From the trail to the show ring, EquiZen has you in the clear. 

Bio-Available Ingredients

Our formulas are based off the most trusted research into equine biochemistry and nutritional supplementation. We derive our ingredients from natural, plant-based sources. We use highly bio-available forms of amino acids in our formulas to allow the horse’s system to readily recognize and utilize essential nutraceuticals.

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